I acquired noam.com back in 1995 and I’ve had a web presense here ever since. Being a geek at heart, I made it “clean” on the backend. In my case, that meant dramatically over-engineering it to use a mysql database to store my travel photo metadata, recipes, and restaurant reviews.

Unfortunately I never made an easy interface to add or modify the entries and as such they weren’t updated in almost a decade.

Close to a year ago my brother told me about Jekyll, a blog-aware static site generator that uses Ruby scripts to generate a static website from simple templates. I played with it a little, but never got it off of the ground. My largest stumbling block at the time was being unable to find a theme that I liked.

Over the holidays this year I finally had some spare time to devote to the website. I found that there was now a jekyll-bootstrap version which included a few of the themes that I was interested in looking at. In the end I found I was happy with the theme I’m currently using, called twitter, with only a few minor changes.

Being a {c,perl,php} curmudgeon I’m not crazy about the use of ruby, but it isn’t that hard to hack on to modify Jekyll to my liking. I’ve already written a couple of plugins that I plan to share over time.

Ultimately my goal is to update this site much more often than the old one. Luckily that should be a fairly easy bar to surpass…

Enjoy, - Noam


17 January 2012