Honolulu, Hawaii
1417 South King St
Honolulu, HI
(808) 947-3800


Trust us…

Photos by flickr user: hawaii

This is the sister restaurant to the one in LA (which I have also reviewed). Chef Kumagawa is the student of Chef Nobi in the LA restaurant, but I have to say that I prefer his food more. Obviously this is really subjective, but I think it has to do with the consistency of the sushi rice. The LA restaurant has the sushi rice a little too loose for my taste, which I only realized when I tried Chef Kumagawa’s in Hawaii.

It’s hard to pinpoint one thing that really sets Sasabune apart, since there are so many, but if I was forced to pick one it would be the Toro. Where a normal high-end sushi restaurant might have Toro occasionally, Sasabune had two types of Toro during my visit. Moreover, they were much better than any Toro I have ever experienced (which includes sushi restaurants on both coasts and Tokyo).

Since the fish is flown in daily, it is hard to say what they will be serving. That said, here are my favorite items during my trip to Honolulu in 2005:

  • Toro
  • Tuna & Albacore appetizer
  • Albacore
  • Tamago
  • Salmon


13 April 2005